Building Expertise in European Research Funding: Lump Sum Course

21 May 2024

On May 21st, research managers and grant advisers from pre- and post-award offices across our partner institutions gathered at the Collaborative Centre at IGC for an intensive course on the Lump Sum model. This training, facilitated by Enspire, brought together 24 colleagues to learn more about this new budget model.

The Lump Sum model, a payment and budget scheme used by several Horizon Europe initiatives, aims to simplify administrative processes. As the adoption of this model is expected to grow, it is crucial to equip our research management community with the required skills and tools to navigate its complexity.

During the course, we addressed pivotal questions, including: What unique advantages does the Lump Sum model offer? How does it differ from the traditional ‘actual cost’ model? What are the implications for both pre-award and post-award phases? What key information is needed to prepare a Lump Sum-based proposal? Additionally, we explored the inherent issues and discrepancies within this model and discussed potential challenges.

This training is part of LS4FUTURE ongoing commitment to capacitate our research manager community, ensuring the continuous growth of their skills to manage international research proposals and projects under a rapidly evolving landscape.

We extend our gratitude to the Collaborative Centre at IGC, supported by the Oeiras Municipality, for hosting this event and providing catering.