Innovation and Translation

LS4FUTURE supports the translation of new discoveries into heath solutions and bridge the divide from discovery to delivery.

Innovation and Translation

LS4FUTURE offers a combination of tools designed to support the translation of new discoveries into heath solutions and bridge the divide from discovery to delivery.


Online and on-site workshops and courses

Stimulating entrepreneurial thinking and initiatives among our research community

This training program allows researchers to understand not only the science but also the culture, the practices and the language required for integrating basic research to clinical research, medical practice and industrial activity.

Team leaders as well as other members within research groups with interest/capability to develop impactful translation of new life sciences discoveries into solutions for health, agro-industry, food sustainability, and other societal goals are welcome to participate in this series of workshops and courses, which are built to navigate through 3 main phases: AWARENESS about the translational potential of biological research and the basic concepts in entrepreneurship, EXPLORATION of one’s research entrepreneurial capability and IMPLEMENTATION of this knowledge to structure real-life business models and analyse value position.

See more about our training activities:


Post-Graduation program developed by ITQB NOVA and  NOVA SBE

Helping to close the communication gap between scientists and business stakeholders

The StartUp Research Program has been designed to create awareness in researchers of the value their science can generate. It provides Life Sciences researchers with knowledge about Innovation Management, Business Modelling, while developing soft and entrepreneurship skills. 
The Program is open to all Graduate Researchers and Science Managers (>BSc) with preferably more than 1 year of lab work experience.
Members of the LS4FUTURE community are welcome to enroll to the program, with the possibility to apply for the following Attendance Scholarships:
ITQB NOVA SCHOLARSHIPS: 2 Full tuition Scholarships / Edition are available for ITQB NOVA students and staff.
OEIRAS Valley SCHOLARSHIPS: In the scope of the Oeiras Valley initiative and strategic objectives, 15 x €1500 Scholarships / Edition are available. Although not-exclusive, Oeiras Valley scholarships will be preferentially awarded to candidates coming from SI&DT institutions located within the Oeiras Valley Ecosystem.
The fifth edition of the StartUp Research Program – 2024 Edition will be held between May 2nd and July 19th 2024.

More details about this postgraduation can be found in the StartUp Research Program Website


Boosting collaboration between researchers and clinicians

This program serves as a platform to promote awareness of specific scientific needs of stakeholders in the clinic sector by providing a more structured way to exchange knowledge and to establish joint research plans.

Such interaction can be framed within different types of partnerships, including “know-how” exchange as well as technical and/or technology support.


In association with NOVA impACT!

Fostering academia-industry interaction opportunities

The Industry Calls platform helps accelerate scientific innovation by publishing open opportunities to establish collaborations between academic researchers and companies/organizations (national and international) at different stages of development.

Any research team within LS4FUTURE community containing at least one member affiliated to NOVA University is entitled to apply for these calls.


Seeking Novel Therapeutics for Pulmonary Autoimmune and Fibrotic Diseases

DEADLINE: 24 June 2024

For more information, please visit NOVA Innovation Website.


LS4FUTURE CollDatabase

A database tool for LS4FUTURE capacity visualization and opportunities for collaboration

The CollDatabase is a web-based tool with a catalog of LS4FUTURE’s collective research capacity, defined as scientific capabilities, technical and technological skills, ongoing collaborations and research interests. This portfolio can be used to built novel collaborations with any external stakeholder interested in a partnership with research teams within our community.

If your organization is interested in getting access to the LS4FUTURE’s CollDatabase to find potential scientific collaborations, please contact us to to get further information.


In association with NOVA impACT!

Sharing knowledge and experience to support entrepreneurial initiatives

This network allows researchers to enter in contact with experts with proven entrepreneurial experience and skills, who can provide guidance, expert advice and help scientists to navigate the “valley of death” bridging between fundamental discoveries and translation.

Mentors  can help to define proper business strategies, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs and potential partners, customers or investors, facilitating access to critical resources, adding value and improving the conditions for the success of a business idea.

Any research team within LS4FUTURE community with at least one member affiliated to NOVA University can make use of this mentorship program.

To find out more about mentors and make inquiries, please visit the Mentor Network website.


Entrepreneurs Guide To Biotech Startup PDF

Practical information packed into The Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Biotech Startup. This free 100-page eBook is based on personal interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys, and other professionals who understand biotech venture creation and are eager to share their insights.

Essential books for biotech startup pioneers

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