Diversity of Scientific Careers session, a PostDoc Appreciation Week initiative

It is with great pleasure that LS4FUTURE and ITQB NOVA & iBET PostDoctoral Association invite you for a “Diversity of Scientific Careers” session.

Date: 19 September 20223

Time: 14h00 – 15h30

Location:  ITQB NOVA Auditorium (Oeiras) and Zoom

Registration is free but mandatory – please register for the event to attend online here.

We are celebrating the Post-Doc Appreciation Week #PAWpt2023 with a session open to our LS4FUTURE community. We will showcase different careers outside academia, discuss the challenges of changing paths and navigate different work environments.

LS4FUTURE has the pleasure of welcoming our guest speakers:

Miguel Leal, Founder of Science Crunchers

Miguel Leal graduated in Biology in 2007 (University of Lisbon, Portugal), completed the Master of Science in Marine Ecology in 2009 at the same university, and obtained the PhD degree in Biology in 2014 (University of Aveiro, Portugal, in collaboration with the University of Georgia, U.S.A.). Before becoming an entrepreneur and founding Science Crunchers® (in 2017), Miguel participated in 10+ international research projects. Thus far, Miguel has authored over 70 international peer-reviewed publications, 6 book chapters, 2 reports for international agencies, and 2 science dissemination books. He is also an Associate Editor of the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), and serves in several strategic and communication committees of the WAS. At Science Crunchers®, Miguel is an all-rounder defining the company’s strategy and objectives, coordinating and overseeing the teams’ work and helping ensure the quality of the deliverables. Under Miguel’s leadership, Science Crunchers® has successfully completed more than 300 projects until 2023 and grew a solid, diverse and very international client portfolio. Science Crunchers® is the communication partner of four Horizon Europe projects associated with ocean sciences.


Inês Tenente, Senior Innovation Consultant at BETA-i

With a mixed background in Biology and scientific research, including regeneration/stem cell biology, aging and pediatric oncology, and life sciences consulting and project management, Inês is driven by social impact, particularly around healthcare innovation and patient access, and sustainability and circular economy solutions. Her international exposure of 10 years in the USA and UK, her experience with a variety of global consulting project types, products and global companies, and the exposure to the innovation hub of Boston, where she completed her Ph.D. at the HMS, brings a unique flavour to her understanding of business questions and approach to the projects she works and leads.

Inês strives for innovative solutions to complex challenges, through data, creativity, design thinking and collaborative and Agile project management. She has been involved in nonprofit and political organizations, on an executive and consultant/advisor level, including student forums, clubs, diaspora networks, education and patient support organisations, and several roles around performance arts.


Andreas Klaus, Data Engineer at Rancho BioSciences

Andreas Klaus holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Leipzig University and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Karolinska Institute. His undergraduate and graduate studies took him across Germany, Sweden and the USA, where he integrated computational and experimental approaches in his research of brain activity during rest and movement. During his postdoctoral studies at the Champalimaud Foundation, Andreas developed novel behavioural paradigms for the study of movement and contributed to the development of innovative algorithmic approaches for the analysis of large-scale brain imaging data.

Beyond his professional work, Andreas is the proud father of three wonderful children. In pursuit of a more balanced life, he made the decision in 2022 to change his career path. Currently, Andreas works as a Data Engineer and collaborates with international clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, he continues to apply his expertise in computer science and the life sciences to make a meaningful impact in a new and dynamic field.

We look forward to welcoming you to this session.