LS4FUTURE 1st PI Retreat seeded the ground for long-lasting scientific interactions among partner institutes


The 1st PI Retreat of the Associated Laboratory LS4FUTURE was held at Hotel Golf Mar Vimeiro on the 22nd and 23rd of March. The meeting brought together over 80 participants, including research group leaders, members of the Scientific Advisory Board and supporting office representatives from all 5 associated institutes (ITQB NOVA, NOVA Medical School, iBET, IGC and IPO). This event was a great opportunity to identify and share the collective capacity and expertise of this Associate Laboratory, promote networking, and deepen the strategic discussions around joint initiatives.

The first day of the meeting focused on exploring the research diversity within the LS4FUTURE community. The activities included selected short talks showcasing different research lines within LS4FUTURE, and exercises where PIs identified key areas of the Associated Laboratory, potential new collaborators, and possibilities for cooperative efforts based on these matches.

Day two was dedicated to strategic discussions about the implementation of joint initiatives between LS4FUTURE partners. COVID response activities developed by several member institutes, and the European project NIMSB – NOVA Institute for Medical Systems Biology were presented as examples of successful collaborative initiatives, which primed an open conversation on how to replicate such approaches to enhance LS4FUTURE career development, internationalisation and translation.

The coordinator Inês Cardoso Pereira and SAB members closed the meeting, commenting on its relevance and highlighting future perspectives for establishing fruitful and long-lasting scientific collaborations within the community of the Associated Laboratory.