LS4FUTURE Career Day 2024 for PhD Students featured a spectrum of career opportunities in Life Sciences

17 may 2024

On May 14th LS4FUTURE held a vibrant event dedicated to increase the awareness among PhD students on the variety of career pathways in the field of life sciences. This was a great opportunity to get in contact with a selected group of guests that offered key insights about diverse and successful career trajectories within and beyond academia.

The LS4FUTURE Career Day for PhD students aimed to address the challenges many PhD students face in designing their career paths, particularly as they transition from academia to the professional world. Thus, it’s crucial for students to receive mentored training to develop their technical and transferable skills, enabling them to succeed in both academic and non-academic career positions.

The event opened with a warm welcome session led by Inês Cardoso Pereira (LS4FUTURE Coordinator) and João Crespo (ITQB NOVA Director), followed by two main segments: Short talks on general topics and Group Speed Dating sessions. Judite Costa from Nova Medical School (NMS) and Inês Perpétuo from the Imperial College shared valuable insights on crafting effective CVs, starting networking and how to build a profile to enhance career prospects, and the importance of mentorship.

The Group Speed Dating sessions at the LS4FUTURE Career Day provided an interactive platform for attendees to engage in focused discussions with different guest speakers and their peers. This format encouraged networking, idea exchange, and the exploration of various career paths within and outside of academic research.

The LS4FUTURE Career Day was an enriching and informative event, offering PhD students invaluable tools and perspectives to shape their professional journeys. Upcoming events from the LS4FUTURE Coordination will keep reinforcing the LS4FUTURE Community awareness and training on key aspects of career development, science internationalization and translation.