LS4FUTURE Support for ERC applications

LS4FUTURE is delighted to collaborate with ITQB NOVA in announcing two forthcoming initiatives designed to support our community with applications for the European Research Council (ERC) grants. The ERC is renowned for funding innovative projects led by researchers of any nationality and age, based in Europe. Both activities will be conducted by Randy Levinson, a consultant and former scientific manuscript editor with extensive experience at Springer-Nature and Cell Press. Dr Levinson is being hosted by Sarela Garcia Santamarina at ITQB NOVA through the prestigious Fulbright Specialist Program.

ERC Online Informative Session – 15 May – 3pm

Zoom – open to the whole LS4FUTURE community

In this hour-long webinar, the topics will cover the different types of ERC grants that can be applied for and their strategic goals, the eligibility criteria for each and the best approaches for each. The webinar will include time for a Q&A session to allow for more specific concepts or concerns to be addressed.

ERC writing course – 16 May – 9 – 3pm

ITQB NOVA – This course is tailored to 24 participants, register here until the 10th of May to secure a place. Preference will be given to those considering an application this year.

The focus of this course will be on the best practices in ERC grant writing. The goals of the workshop are to provide participants with (1) the tools to increase their confidence in grant writing, understanding the submission process, and navigating grant review, (2) an understanding of the means to better ensure grant funding success, and (3) general strategies on science communication that are applicable beyond grant applications. The workshop includes lectures, practical exercises, and peer-to-peer interactions that cover all aspects of grant preparation and navigating the review process.