LS4FUTURE teams up with i3S for a thematic session at the Encontro Ciencia 2023


Last July 6th, the LS4FUTURE Associated Laboratory teamed with i3S – Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde, to promote one of the selected thematic sessions of “Encontro Ciência 2023”. The event took place in Aveiro and was dedicated to the theme “Science and the Ocean beyond the horizon”.

The NOVA Medical School and LS4FUTURE researcher, António Jacinto, challenged our colleague Anna Olsson, from i3S, to create a session dedicated to the advantages of using 3D in vitro models and how microalgae can be a powerful source to produce several compounds with pharmaceutical value.

This 90-minute session was opened with António Jacinto introducing the Associated Laboratory LS4FUTURE and the new NOVA Institute for Medical Systems Biology (NIMSB), followed by the presentation of the i3S Associated Laboratory and the new 3RKC Research Centre by Ana Olsson. The i3S researcher, André Maia, dedicated his lecture to “Stepping into drug discovery with organoids”, and Francisco Nascimento from iBET presented the talk “Microalgae as sustainable biofactories of products of pharmaceutical interest”. Altogether, the LS4FUTURE/i3S team highlighted the importance of incorporating advanced in vitro models in experimental studies and the resources needed to support their implementation. It was also promoted the impact of identifying marine resources as sustainable alternatives for discovering new compounds and drugs. Moreover, with this session our researchers exemplified the translation of our science into concrete applications in the health area, with a close collaboration between academia and biotechnology companies, such as iBET, an LS4FUTURE partner.

LS4FUTURE and i3S are two Associated Laboratories (ALs)dedicated to studying Life Science from fundamental to applied research, crossing knowledge in different scientific areas. The One Health concept is the focus of LS4FUTURE, seeking to provide scientific knowledge that promotes the preservation of human and environmental health for a sustainable future. i3S directs its research to address and overcome current health challenges, from infectious diseases, cancer, to neurodegenerative diseases.

Our ALs and Research Centres are dedicated to generating knowledge in the health area using advanced cellular models – among other experimental strategies – rewarding the interdisciplinarity of our research projects while promoting sustainable research programs.