What happened at our partners… March 2024 edition

Evolving Microbes and Global Health, 22 – 25 Oct 2024 – IGC Oeiras
Microbes are everywhere, greatly influencing human health. This can be directly by being in contact with the human body, such as the gut microbiota, or as infectious agents. They also impact our well-being indirectly by changing the environment and affecting global food production. Their rapid evolution is a double-edged sword. Microbes can acquire pathogenic traits or be engineered to perform beneficial functions.
Understanding how and when “good” or “bad” microbial properties emerge in nature, the mechanisms by which they affect human health, and our responses to that are vital topics often discussed separately. In this meeting, we aim to unite scientists studying evolving microbes’ direct and indirect effects on human health.

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A new ITQB NOVA study, published in Nature Microbiology, sheds new light on bacterial cell division using cutting-edge single-molecule imaging techniques. Researchers followed the movement of individual proteins in S. aureus, the second cause of death from antibiotic-resistant infections worldwide, bringing us one step closer to understanding the organization of bacterial cells and how different antibiotics affect it.

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On March 19th, iBET hosted a meeting with key members of Sanofi, including Régis Gervier, Head of Sanofi’s mRNA Center of Excellence, and the Sanofi Portugal team. iBET representatives facilitated discussions with researchers to explore synergies between Sanofi’s expertise and iBET’s research capabilities. The focus was on strengthening their scientific partnership and identifying collaborative opportunities.

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Open Day – Master’s – NOVA Medical School will open its doors on April 12, 2024, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., to present its Master’s program for 2024.

Participants will be able to make direct contact with teachers, researchers, and students, learn about NOVA Medical School’s facilities, and clarify doubts and questions.

Registration is free, but mandatory. Register here until April 10, 2024.