Young LS4FUTURE principal investigators embarked on a Leadership Course


In a novel initiative to enrich leadership skills within the LS4FUTURE scientific community, 20 principal investigators (PIs) from our partner institutions just concluded a Leadership Course. This course aimed to equip PIs with the essential tools and mindset to thrive in leadership roles, bridging the gap between scientific expertise and effective management. Unlike generic leadership courses, this program was tailored specifically for the unique challenges faced by scientists and researchers in today’s rapidly evolving scientific landscape.

Over two and half days, participants engaged in a series of interactive sessions delivered by Chaperone Trainer Sandrine Soubes. The program covered a range of topics, including “Leadership vs Management”, “Identifying your Leadership style”, “Effective communication in the Lab”, “Team members’ engagement (How to give feedback; Healthy communication; Mastering Delegation)” and “Conflict Management” among others.

LS4FUTURE coordinator, Inês Cardoso Pereira said: “We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development. This leadership course aligns with the partnership’s broader mission to not only advance scientific discovery but also nurture the leaders who will drive these discoveries forward”.

Participant testimonials:

Marta Mesquita (IPOLFG): “This course served to reflect on where I am and where I want to go, and clearly on how I would like to have more time to conduct research within the hospital environment. Despite the difficulties, I consider that being close to the clinic brings many advantages to any research that can be conducted because proximity gives us a more realistic sense of the problems and limitations, as well as the questions that are important to answer for the research to bring concrete benefits in the context of improving healthcare. Also, this course served to meet like-minded people and with whom I would very much like to work and develop collaborative projects. Thank you very much for this opportunity”.

Sandra Tenreiro (NMS): “The course was quite comprehensive, covering the most relevant topics for someone like me who recently took on the position of Group Leader. In my case, the most important aspect was understanding the other spheres of influence and how to grow from here, taking on institutional responsibilities up to the societal level. Additionally, I felt that my level of confidence as a group leader increased. Guiding decisions based on values, making choices, knowing how to say no even if there are risks, and taking responsibility for the consequences was a pivotal message.”

Juan Ignacio Vilchez (ITQB NOVA): “Attending the leadership course provided invaluable insights into effective team management and strategic decision-making, helping me identify both my strengths and areas for improvement. Through cultivating a growth mindset and practicing assertiveness, I’m better equipped to navigate the challenges of leadership in research, ensuring continual self-improvement and success.”

This leadership course stands as a testament to LS4FUTURE’s commitment to shaping the future of scientific leadership.