Major EU Horizon grant awarded to ITQB NOVA led project


In a groundbreaking initiative, the European project spearheaded by ITQB NOVA is set to revolutionize the production of antiviral biopharmaceuticals, propelling Europe to the forefront of the fight against emerging threats.

ITQB NOVA’s European project, led by Cláudio Soares, has secured 8 million euros from Horizon Europe. The EvaMobs project, the only nationally coordinated project selected in the 2023 Health Cluster call, focuses on developing adaptable antiviral therapeutics.

The Protein Modeling Lab at ITQB NOVA, under Cláudio Soares’ guidance, received funding to accelerate research beyond COVID-19 and the flu. Employing cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and physics-based models, the team aims to design proteins acting as keys to unlock viral components, offering a rapid response in pandemic scenarios. Diana Lousa, one of the project leaders from ITQB NOVA, emphasizes the critical need for antivirals that can act against a broad spectrum of pathogens, adaptable quickly and efficiently in emergency situations. This European project will have further contribution from several other ITQB NOVA Group Leaders, such as Manuel Melo, Isabel Abreu and João Vicente.

This project, composed of a consortium of 11 partners across Europe, exemplifies interdisciplinary collaboration, reinforcing our preparedness for future pandemics and placing Portugal at the forefront of the EU’s Research & Innovation framework program.